The Gym


Gym Amenities

On-site Parking
Strength and Cardio equipment
Climbing Net
Climbing Rope
Peg Board
Rock Wall
Dressing Rooms
Filtered Water Cooler
1200 SF of mat space
Rashguards, t shirts, and shorts for sale
Free WiFi

Starting any new activity brings with it unfamiliarity of expectations. Below we have compiled a list of rules and general etiquette so that you may walk into the gym with increased comfort and confidence, knowing what is expected of you and others. These guidelines create an atmosphere of safety and respect so as to maximize everyone’s progress and enjoyment. 

Gym Rules and Etiquette

1.     You must be clean/showered and nails trimmed before you take class. If you are sick, you are not permitted to train—no exceptions.
2.     You must wear a rash guard and shorts, spats, or gi pants. No loose fitting T-shirts, no gi jackets, no bare chests. Rash guards and shorts must be clean and free of odor.  
3.     No shoes or socks on the mat. Wrestling shoes are okay but must be clean and only worn on the mat.
4.     Remove all jewelry and/or properly tape where needed.
5.     Long hair must be tied up or in a bun.
6.     To be ready to learn, and so as not to disrupt class, please arrive at least 10 minutes before class begins to allow time to sign in, change, catch up with friends, etc.
7.     Check in when you arrive, before you enter the mat.
8.     To promote humility and a respect for our teammates, always bow when entering or exiting the mat.
9.     Only drill what the instructor is teaching during class time.
10.   No talking during instruction.
11.   Always be respectful to your instructors, fellow students, and guests.
12.   If your child is being particularly disruptive then please address it. Do not rely on the front desk or the instructors.
13.   If you use the restroom, always wash your hands before returning to the mat.
14.   ALWAYS WEAR SHOES IN THE RESTROOM! We have loaner flip flops by the door.
15.   Because of hygienic concerns arising from the close physical nature of the sport, we have a very rigorous cleaning procedure. However, we cannot control what students bring into the gym. If you see anything on your skin (a possible ring worm or staph infection), then check with instructor IMMEDIATELY. Do NOT tape it up and/or attempt to train.
16.  Do not put your bags on the mat.
17.  No food or drinks on the mat.
18.  No pets on the mat.
19.  No smoking on the premises.
20.  No alcohol on the premises. Depending on severity, violation of this etiquette can result in anything from a friendly reminder, all the way to being grounds for dismissal from the gym.

Gym Rules for Sparring

1.     Never crank a submission. It’s your job to apply slow, consistent pressure and it’s your partner’s job to tap.
2.     When applying a choke, if your partner has not tapped after 10 seconds then release the hold. Either your technique isn’t working, your partner is properly defending, or your partner is unconscious and you are unaware of it.
3.     When applying a joint lock, release the hold after 3 seconds of applied pressure. Some people have a high threshold for pain and may not realize the danger. Your partner may not recognize the threat of damage until it’s too late. Be mindful.
4.     Be aware of the people around you during sparring, especially when applying standing techniques. If you bump into a fellow student during free roll, the higher belts have priority and you must move accordingly.
5.     No spazzing out. If you cannot control yourself during a free roll then you will be warned. If you still fail to control yourself then you may be asked to leave. Injuries often occur when an individual is acting wild, tense, or overly aggressive. This is not an MMA fight—safety is paramount. THESE ARE YOUR TEAMMATES.
6.     NO fights will be tolerated.
7.     If your partner has an injury then be considerate when sparring with them.
8.     If you are sparring with a lower ranking student, consider how you can help them.
9.     Do not try to teach another student of the same rank or above. Sparring time is meant for sparring.
10.  Drink plenty of water.

Again, depending on severity, violation of this etiquette can result in anything from a friendly reminder, all the way to being grounds for dismissal from the gym. Your safety and your progress in the sport is our primary concern. Please show respect for the well being of yourself, your teammates, and your instructors at all times. 

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