We have a class to fit your needs. Come in today and start your trial! If you're looking for jiu jitsu in Eugene or Springfield, come try10th Planet Jiu Jitsu today.


Lil’ Zappers
Ages 2-5. Got a little one with energy to burn? Exercise to the speed of ZAP in this upbeat, electric class. Sample everything from ribbon dancing, relay-style exercise, balance-building movement, tug of war and more!

Lil’ Superheroes
Ages 4-14. Our Lil Superheroes class is based on creating a safe, fun, and energetic atmosphere for your child to learn and grow into a disciplined athletic martial artist. A wide age range of 4-14 years old creates a great opportunity for older children to become more like teachers as they learn and grow themselves.

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals
Ages 14+ Our adult fundamentals class will help you to learn to defend yourself in any situation while preparing you for the sport aspect of jiu jitsu as well. Focus on 10th Planet warmups, submissions, chokeholds and joint locks. Our instructors are highly decorated and very well educated on giving anyone a great atmosphere for learning.

Women's Reboot
This class is specifically designed for moms. Bring your frustrations and lack of time and we will show you safe healing movements you can do at home even with a busy schedule. Back pain? Loss of core strength? Abdominal separation? Let us teach you safe movements to help your body get on track and work towards your body positive and healthy goals. Please note we have a kids area, but no staff attendants.

Women's Circuit
These classes will focus on empowering women and improving health in a positive and accepting atmosphere.. With basic or no equipment we will mesh circuit training, basic weights, core strengthening, cardio, and stretching. Come prepared to sweat! Please note we have a kid’s area but no staff attendants.

Crack of Dawn/10th Planet Jiu Jitsu
Our Crack of Dawn (COD) class is for the early risers that feel more comfortable getting their workouts in before the sunrise or have a schedule that doesn’t fit with evening classes. COD is an all levels class that will allow for beginners and advanced students to continue to see growth in their understanding and abilities on the mats. 

Advanced 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu
The Advanced class at 10th Planet Springfield focuses on building a deeper understanding of the 10th Planet system of jiu jitsu, live and resisting drilling, and also competition preparation. Advanced classes often are more difficult on the mind and the body as we improve your jiu jitsu and your conditioning. 

Open Mat
Open Mat is time for you to open come in and work on whatever is on your mind. Open mat is not instructor lead but is a great time to reinforce techniques, ideas, and theories. Students are able to drop in and drill, spar, and ask questions as they see fit.